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About Us

A brief history of UF1R:

UF1R was formed in 2008 by the two current head administrators, RoyBoy and Sammy. The aim was to create a team of racers who enjoy the idea of racing F1-style races in TrackMania United/Nations Forever. After only a few months there were enough members to hold the first GP championship in 2009! We have held a championship every year since, with our first season in the new TrackMania 2 Stadium game being held in 2013.
Along with being an admin, Sammy is also the driver to have won every single season of the championship except for one season, where an experimental handicap system was used to equalise races.
Will Sammy ever lose a traditional championship? Could you be the one to knock the Belgian Alonso from the throne? That’s a mystery that hopefully you will discover with us in due time.
We have also created dozens of other events in TrackMania, from fun Christmas events to multiple-hour endurance races, with our most famous being our 24 Hours of Zolder race in December 2011 (which Sammy also won!). We have also held championships in other racing games like the Codemasters F1 games and we have been active in other racing games as well, however for now our sole focus is on TrackMania like how we began!
Our team has often attracted people outside of Europe as well. The other head admin, Roy, is Australian and due to this the team has a distinct Aussie flavour to it. BoB, another admin from the early days of the team is also Australian and NightFire, an ex-admin and current team member is also Aussie. Combined with racers based from all corners of Europe, this creates an interesting global atmosphere on race day that welcomes just about everyone on TeamSpeak, so don’t be shy!
Ever since those early days we have added extra admins to help with the running of the team, of which there are currently two: BoB and Nitrous. We also have a small but dedicated team of members who are always looking for a race, and we are always welcoming newcomers!