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Welcome to Ultimate F1 Racing

UltimateF1Racing, or UF1R for short, is a clan based primarily in the racing game TrackMania Stadium 2.

We have been active in the TrackMania community for over 6 years, and we have no intentions of stopping any time soon! We are a global team, so no matter where you’re from, you can join us!

We host two servers in TrackMania 2 Stadium. Our first server is our public server, which hosts all of our tracks available for anyone to try in quick 5 lap races.

These tracks number over 60 in total, and are all based on real racing circuits from around the world but with a unique TrackMania spin!
Our team members can often be found on here no matter the time of day for some friendly races, so feel free to jump on and try and break into the records on our tracks!

Our second server is where we host the pride and joy of UF1R: our Grand Prix championship. Every year we race an approximately 20 race season on tracks taken from of our collection. These races are around an hour in length and typically happen every two [weekends] between August and June. They feature pit stops, strategies and test the endurance of all races, just like the real Formula 1 championship series! They are also raced in our unique in-car view which increases the realism and the challenge of our races! Championship points are earned depending on how you place in the races and whoever has the most points at the end of the season wins!

We also hold smaller Pool Championships designed for people in different skill levels to fight for some glory even if they aren’t as quick as our elite drivers.

The Grand Prix races (GPs) are open to anyone to participate in, as long as they follow the rules of the championship and agree to a commitment to race most of the races in a season. So yes, even non-team members and members from other teams or clans can participate. However, becoming a UF1R member is a simple and easy process that also entitles you to some benefits.

We also host a TeamSpeak3 voice chat server for all GP racers to use at any time, which is not only an important place to hear news and information about the team and upcoming events, but is also a place for fun chat and discussion on just about anything there is.

More information about the team can be found on this website and our forum. Please feel free to sign up and say hello to our friendly community, we won’t bite!

Thanks, and see you on the track!